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Journal Entry: Tue Aug 21, 2012, 3:28 AM

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:bulletgreen: Aug 28-30 Anime California
:bulletgreen: Sept 4-6 Sac Anime Summer
:bulletgreen: Nov 21-22 Summoners Con

Finished Cons

:bulletred: April 3-5 Wonder Con
:bulletred: April 24-26 C2E2
:bulletred: May 8-10 Animinneapolis
:bulletred: May 15-17 ACEN
:bulletred: May 22-25 Fanime
:bulletred: May 28-31 Momo con
:bulletred: June 6 Ninja Con
:bulletred: June 25-28 Florida Super Con
:bulletred: July 2-5 Anime Expo


About me:

I like to follows the flow of emotions when it comes to drawing. Seeing pretty things and the passion of other artists makes me want to pick up a pen and draw. It's hard to draw when I'm pressured to it, but sometimes I can't complain when it comes to homework or commissions.

"What age did you start drawing?"
If I remember correctly I think around 5 or 6. I drew dinosaurs. My favorite one is Diplodocus :dummy:

"what does it feels like to be popular?"
....Am I popular? I don't feel any different than what I usually feel.

"How do you take critiques? "
When I ask for critiques, I want people to tear it apart then explain to me all at the same time why it's horrible. I may argue about it for a while, get upset, but eventually I suck it up and fix it. It's a critique, unlike most people, I don't want to hear anything nice, because I just want to get to the point and get back to work. :salute:

"Do you have plans to do a comic of your own?"
Yes! I'm super busy right now, but when I get the time I'd like to continue Banana Fiends forever, and work on a story book

"What are your favorite colors?"
Blue and purple.

"What's your major?"

"What inspires you to do art?"
Emotions (all them feels) and music. Gotta have an outlet somewhere.

"What is your favorite part about drawing?"
My favorite part about drawing is coloring. I use to say anatomy, but my blood boils with eagerness to color whenever I'm done sketching. :) I want to get it done as best and quick as possible.


"What programs do you typically use for creating your work?"
I use Photoshop CS5 and Painter Tool Sai to create most of my art work.

"What tablet do you use?"
I use to use Bamboo 4x6. it was too small. Recently I upgraded to Intuos 5 Large. lol Honestly, you don't need that big of a tablet, a medium would suffice. I just went over board after having 4x6 tablet for 6 years.

"What brushes do you use?"
Preset brushes from Sai.

"How long does it take to finish an artwork"
Depending on how much I like the work. If I get over my head, I'd probably finish it within one day. I'm crazy like that. Or I start to doubt my anatomy or color then weeks.

"How long did it take to become as good at art as you are now? "
For as long as I have tried to be an artist. They say practice makes perfect, but nothing is perfect so there's only more practice.

It doesn't hurt to talk to artist that you admire for a long time, because I know a lot of artist are kind enough to give out advice. Feel free to ask for advice from me if you'd like. I go around asking a lot of artist for their opinions. :) And it feels good because they better me and my work.

"Can you do Tutorials? "
Sorry I'm such a baby when it comes to tutorials. I'm still a student, so I don't feel qualified to teach anyone about art. I do, however, have some step by step that you can look at.…
I hope that helps in some ways.

"what can I do to make my character's anatomy better?"
You can either go to:
For beginners that's okay, but after you realize how muscles and weights comes into play, you'll have to figure the rest on your own. If you really want to know how anatomy works, you can either
1.Look at a lot of naked people. (not recommended for anyone younger than 18)
2.Or just draw a lot of people like crazy.
It's all about practice. Try drawing in pen, then it forces to you to put down strokes that you need. I've drawn in pens for 3 years now, and hate it when it comes to pencils. lol So yeah, just get to know your mediums.

"Any recommendation on art books? "
Fuu Midori art books- I gained a lot of color knowledge from this book
Krenz artwork collection: link I learned a lot about forms and unique coloring style

"Do you do critiques? "
Yes, feel free to ask any time. Though I can't say I'm a soft critique. So be prepared.

"Did anyone you know personally inspire your characters?"
No one I know personally inspired them...
Luna was definitely inspired by Sailor Moon. I adore the cat in sailor moon because she was my imaginary friend when I was a kid (so yeah there's part of my life story. Lol).
Sora came from my idea of what God would look like (pure like the whitest white snow).
Esther is kinda based off of me. Although I do have stories about them individually, I have yet to connect them all together. Other original characters such the seasons and fishies…They came from, well, obvious things. Lol.


"Do you make your own cosplay?"
Nupe! Do not harness that kind of skill in me. I hire amazing tailors to do it. :D You guys can find them here:…

"Where do you find your accessories in cosplay such as: wigs, shoes, jewelries"
EBAY for everything.


"Are you allowed to sell fanart etc?"
Honestly, I'm really tired of answering this question.
The answer is probably, no.
I've done my research on copyright laws, and anyone who researched it can tell you most things are in the grey. What I can tell you is that any artist who draws or sells fanart is probably taking a gamble. If the company does tell me to stop selling or drawing their characters I will probably have to stop. Although, most big companies overlook fanart because it's practically free promotion to them.  Another thing is it would just cost too much to go through laws suit to sue a poor artist like myself and get nothing out of it. I don't have anything to give them because I'm barely paying my tuition. I can also argue that through part of "fair use law", I can say that most of my fanart, does not damage any of the fanart character's or the company's reputation. If anything, I just want to promote what I love and respect; their characters, their animation, and their work. I do sell fanart, but I'm not making a giant profit from them that I'm crashing their companies.  And all the fanart I do does not derive from tracing or copying any art work, but a different interpretation of it in my style.

So Please, do your own research on copyright laws.

  • Listening to: Pokemon
  • Watching: computer
  • Playing: POKEMON
  • Eating: not pokemon
  • Drinking: Water is the way to go
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What no marriage? A lot of fans will be disappointed!
Chukairi Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Why? I mean if I'm married to my work, and my fans are part of my work, wouldn't that partially mean I'm married to them as well? LOL
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^_^ I love reading these, its so cool to get a little insight on such a talented artist.
Hope you don't mind, but I think I'll copy this idea and do my own FAQ :D.
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